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21st Birthday Haul!

Hey Gals!

I recently turned twenty one and I was very lucky to be absolutely spoiled by my family and friends. To be honest all these fabulous gifts helped to take the sting out of getting that bit older! Seen as though I feel like I am officially an adult now I better start acting like one and schedule my own doctors appointments . . .

Anyways, I was given some amazing presents and I thought I would let you take a peak.


This is just one of the lovely bottles of champagne I was given, as well as this cute wine glass. This glass got serious use over the birthday weekend and I’m pretty sure it’s acceptable to use it until I turn twenty two, right?


This beautiful River Island robe was a present from my amazing best friend. Its just perfect for when your doing hair and make up and makes your getting ready process feel so much more glamorous!


This gorgeous Alex and Ani “Let’s Toast” Bracelet was a gift from my best friends family. I have a couple of these silver bangles and the more you stack the better they look, so I was thrilled to have a shiny new one to jingle on my arm.


One of my oldest and dearest friends obviously keeps a close eye on this blog because she has kept me stocked up on some of my recent skincare favourites! I’ve reviewed these products in my Skincare Favourites post  so click  here if you want a bit more information on them, but they are definitely my staple products of the moment.


My boyfriends’ parents were so kind enough to pick me up some new MAC goodies. I’ve never owned the iconic lipstick and liner combo of Honeylove and Boldly Bare, but I very quickly fell in love! The Candy Yum-Yum perfume is also to die for! It’s  a fruity, girly scent that is right up my street.


I now have two gorgeous new charms for my Thomas Sabo bracelet, thanks to my cousins. Each charm I add to the bracelet has a special meaning to me, so these were a beautiful addition to the collection.

DSC_0660 My sister was very generous with her present of a fabulous new GHD hair straightener. We have been sharing one between the three of us and my mam, so a new one was well overdue! I haven’t actually used it yet, I’m trying to keep it as new as I can for as long as possible so I will let you know how I get one with it.


I was delighted with my new Lanai Blow hairdryer from my aunt and uncle. I had seen so much hype about these online and I’ll admit I was sceptical about it but boy was I wrong! This has to be the best hairdryer I have ever used, hands down. I have really thick hair, and loads of it but this made the mammoth task of drying it all so quick and easy.

DSC_0652DSC_0630 (2)

This divine new baby of mine is courtesy of the boyfriend. He absolutely spoiled me this birthday with this fabulous Ted Baker handbag and purse to match. I am a handbag freak so this was another surprise that  I was over the moon with. It’s such a handy size, and the long strap as well as the colour means it matches with any outfit. The pop of pink inside and the rose gold hardware really just make this one for me, I adore the little details!DSC_0619 (2)DSC_0621 (3)

Just when I thought I has been spoiled enough I spotted this gem in the bottom of the bag and I was blown away! The little blue bag had my heart racing before I even opened it. I took me a while to get a good look a it to be honest because I was so close to crying but I kept it together for the sake of the fab make up I had just got done for the party.  My Boyfriend picked this bracelet to match the necklace he bought for my birthday when I was eighteen, so it was a sentimental surprise as well as having the wow factor. I honestly hadn’t the slightest idea that he would pick me out something like this so I have to give him serious credit (and brownie points) for this one! As annoying as it is, #TheBoyDidWell. I’m getting accustomed to these little blue boxes, but he said the next big birthday is thirty so he has nine years to get saving!

Thanks for reading through gals, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what your favourite birthday present of the year was!

Bye for now,








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