Five Minute Make Up

Hey Gals,

I’m up at 6:30am most days for work, so I often sacrifice my usual make up routine for a few more minute in bed! Here are a few products I reach for to make me look a little bit more alive, without taking all day to do it.

A lot of the time I have five minutes to sort my face out, so all these products are quick and easy to use and most are cheap and cheerful too!


For my base, I tend to reach for the  Bourjois City Radiance Foundation, and I normally mix it with some type of Illuminating moisturiser – at the moment I’m using this Strobing Hydrating Primer from Pennys. The foundation is fairly brightening on its own, but adding the illuminator just makes me look extra awake.


To conceal any blemishes and dark circles I use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealor. Literally everyone uses this product so there isn’t much I can say about it other than it does exactly what you need it to. It really does last all day long and works so well brightening up under my eyes, instantly making them look more awake.


A quick brush of powder to keep it all in place and the base is just about done. Lately I’m loving the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro Powder, as you can see from the photo! This one claimed a lot but it really has been stepping up to mark! I absolutely do look airbrushed after applying it and it never looks cakey. My skin looks and feels so soft, and the beautiful rose gold packaging helps to love it even more.


Your eyebrows frame your face, so no matter how rushed I am I never leave this step out. For the quickest results I grab the Urban Decay Brow Box and blend the two colours through my brows with a small amount of the wax included to keep them in place. For work I like to keep it natural so I use the shade Honey Pot but I also love the darker shade Brown Sugar for a more dramatic look.


I wear glasses in work so I don’t bother with eye make up other than a couple of coats of the Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara. It thickens and lengthens your lashes without looking clumpy. My eyes look more open, giving me a fresh faced look.


To give a bit of colour back into my cheeks I use a tiny amount of Mac’s Powder Blush in Melba. The light colour compliments my fair skin and give me a healthy flushed look without looking like I’ve just run a mile.

Sleek Palettes

Then I go with one of the Sleek Highlighting Palettes in Solstice or Precious Metals  to give a soft highlight under my brows and on the tops of my cheek bones. I love both of these palettes so I usually just grab what ever one is closest and swirl my brush into all four colours to give me a noticeable glow.  I add highlighter any time  I’m trying to look good in a rush, because if I see highlighter on someone I always think they have their sh*t together!


I finish off the look with a quick layer of the Rock n’ Roll Nude lipstick from the Kate Moss for Rimmel London Collection. This is such an easy colour to sweep over your lips in a rush, which is great because I am normally applying it as I’m running out the door!

Hope you loved the post, make sure to give me any tips and tricks you have for quick and easy make up!

Bye for now,













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