Hit and Miss

Hits And Misses – Highlighters

Hey Gals,

Welcome to the first of a new series I am bringing to the blog, “Hits and Misses”. Like the title suggests, once a month I will be filling you all in on a few of my Holy Grail products of a particular category, as well as a few that didn’t quite make the cut.  This month we’re talking all things GLOW, kicking off the series with my hit and miss highlighters!

SOSU Highlighter Kit  

So Sue Me

This kit contains six different highlighters, in a mix of pressed and baked powders. The pans are a generous size, and are packaged in a white cardboard palette with a nice big mirror. I will admit when this palette came out I fell in love with the look of it, but I did debate over for it for a while, purely because I wasn’t sure if it would be suited to my pale skin tone. I was  sceptical after using the SOSU contour kit, as it was way too dark for me and I was afraid I might come across the same problem with other SOSU products, but I was so wrong! The shades in this palette are so wearable, but can be easily built up to give that full glam glow look. I’ve also used all the colours as eyeshadows which worked out amazingly well.

They definitely have the staying power and are so smooth and silky on the skin, so in my book this is absolutely a HIT!

So Sue Swatch

 Left to right: Candy Crush, Peach smoothie, Unicorn Dust, Shooting Star, Moon Sparkle and Melted Gold

Sleek Make Up Highlighting Palettes in Precious Metals(Left) and Solstice (Right)

Sleek Palettes

The Sleek Make Up Highlighting Palettes are a mixture of powder and cream products and contain four different shades in each palette. They are the perfect for on the go make up, with a great selection of colour in a handy sized compact. They have great pigmentation and are surprisingly long-lasting for the price. Similar to the SOSU Kit, they can build up to blinding colour, or can give a subtle glow. The pans are quite small, so the colours are easily mixed on your brush, but they layer together to give a holographic kind of effect, which looks great on any skin tone.

The great value for money with these palettes mixed with the quality you get makes this a definite HIT!

Sleek SwatchLeft to right:

  • Solstice palette:  Equinox, Subsolar, Hemisphere and Ecliptic
  • Precious Metals Palette: Angelic Bronze, Renaissance Gold, Royal Gold and Platinum

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade (Right) and Soft and Gentle (Middle)

Sephora Microsmooth Baked Trio (Left) 

Mac and Sephora

I’ve linked these two brands together because I think they are really similar in the feel of the products, as well as the look they give off on the skin. Everyone has gone through at least one Mineralize Skinfinish in their time, they are that one product that suits us all, regardless of your colouring. They just seem to be effortlessly blendable and always give you that polished look. These two shades are  definitelymy favourites, I tend to go towards Soft and Gentle when I’m tanned and Lighscapde most of the time when I am paler.

The highlight in the Sephora trio is equally blendable and I just adore the colour! It’s possibly my favourite highlight of all time. It has a slightly pinkish undertone to it, which seems to compliment my skin and always looks like I’ve just applied it (even after an eight hour work day!).

These are such reliable products that are always fool proof, which makes them all a HIT!

Mac and Sephora Swatch

Left to right: Sephora Baked Highlight, Soft and Gentle and Lighscapade. 

Nars Dual-Intensity Blush in Craving 

Urban Decay Naked Illuminator in Aura 

Misses 2

I’m pairing these together because I feel the same way about them both, they just are not worth the price. The Urban Decay Illuminator is just way too glittery for me, and the fall-out is just ridiculous. I didn’t think you could have fall-out with a highlighter but this one has proved me totally wrong. The colour is just too orange toned and the glitter always ends up all over your face.

I really was so disappointed with the Nars Dual-Intensity Blush, the pigmentation I expected for its €39 price tag just wasn’t there. It doesn’t seem to have much of an impact when it’s first applied, and the small bit of glow it would give is gone within the first hour. I normally love Nars products but this one was a serious let down for me.

I was not sold on either of these at all, they are going to have to be a MISS!

Nars and UD Swatch

Left to right: Urban Decay in Aura and Nars Dual-Intensity in Craving.

PS Strobe Highlighting Trio

L’oreal True Match Highlight

Misses 1

These are two of the cheapest of the bunch, and it really does show in the quality. Although the pigmentation of both seems to be something special, they just don’t have the lasting power you want from a highlighter. I was fooled with both of these in the shop, swatching them on my hand and thinking I was getting a serious bargain. They both are quite chalky to touch and the colour fades very quickly. To be honest I don’t hate these products, but they left no impression on me whatsoever and I completely forgot they were in my make-up collection.

Realistically they are just “okay” products, and I want the wow factor, so for that reason they will have to be another MISS!

PS and Loreal Swatch

Left to right: PS Strobe Highlighter x3 and L’oreal True Match Highlight x3

Thanks for reading, and make sure to let me know what your hit and miss highlighters are!

Bye for now,




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