Nima Brush – The “Build It Up” Eye Set

Hey Gals,

For my first blog post I wanted to write about the latest additions to my make-up brush collection – The “Build It Up” eye set from Nima Brush. I received the set as a Christmas present from my boyfriend last year and I have been obsessed with them ever since!

Full set in case

I first came across the brand about two years ago when I was in the Bank of Ireland in Stephens Green and there was a display of Nima Brushes. I can’t remember why the set up was in a bank but the brush junkie inside me was thrilled that Niamh, the creator of the brand let me chat away to her and take a good look at the brushes (While I was supposed to be lodging the cash for where I was working at the time!). I ordered a set online the following payday and I honestly think that purchase kicked started my addiction. Sadly I lost the original set while we were on a weekend break away in Munich, but the Build It Up set has been the best replacement I could have wished for.

The set contains eight brushes that not only look amazing but are fantastic quality and excellent value for money. There’s a brush for everything you need to create either a dramatic smokey eye or the perfect day time look. As an added bonus they come beautifully packaged in a duck egg blue wallet style travel case.

Another nice touch about the set are the names given to each brush, each one representing a different stage in the creators career.


Below are the names and descriptions of each brush that came along with the set.

Belle – Sheer application of shadow and blending within the contour of the eye.

Loni – For shading or blending of powder or creamy products.

Selfie – a finely tapered pony haired eye blender perfect for socket line work.

Harrie – Large synthetic shader for applying both cream or powder or Concealor work.

Harvey – A small synthetic brush ideal for concealer work, structure or fine detail.

Bertie – A pencil brush ideal for precision shading on the lid, in the crease or along the lashline.

Dale – short, rounded smudge brush ideal for lid or lower lashline work.

Mise – Angled brush for creating sharp, precise lines. Perfect for structure brows or liner detail.

As hard as it is to pick a favourite from the set, if I absolutely had to, I think it would be the “Selfie” brush. It works brilliantly for blending, but is still small enough to be precise. I use this brush every time I wear eyeshadow, whether it’s for blending one colour all over my eyelid during the day or darkening the outer corners for a dramatic night out look.


As I said, the set is great value for money, selling for €65 on the Nima Brush site, which works out as a little bit over €8 per brush. Anyone who is into their make-up brushes will know that this is considerably lower than a lot of other brands on the market, and I think the quality is definitely on par with the best of them!

Full set.JPG

If you haven’t caught on already, I highly recommend this set, and I will definitely be buying more!

Nima Brand.JPG

I hope you enjoyed the first post of my blog, and let me know what you think of the set!

Bye for now,







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